The new approach for customer identity and access management is a multi-tenant cloud-based platform.

To support multiple clients, a multi-tenant deployment uses one instance of the LoginRadius Identity Platform on a cloud server. The application is shared, and each client has their own database for storing customer information.

Unlike traditional on-premises server deployments, LoginRadius handles all of the maintenance, updates, infrastructure management, data management, protection, enforcement, and privacy for you. Our approach also includes technical support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits of Multi Tenant Cloud Platform

  • A Platform That Is Fully Managed: There are limitations to building an identity solution in-house or even operating a third-party service on your own servers. Hardware, software, protection, and privacy all need time-consuming maintenance. And your engineers will be constantly learning about new CIAM technologies and best practises.

Database maintenance, setup, and authentication are handled by LoginRadius identity experts. You’ll get excellent service without putting a strain on your finances.

  • Performance and Scalability: A customer brand’s capability, device downtime, and lagging system performance can all be significant hindrances. There’s no guarantee that people will return if systems can’t handle all of the people who want to register and log in at the same time.

  • Personalization: Companies seeking complete control over their identity management systems may believe that developing or hosting their own solution is the only option.

The LoginRadius Identity Platform, on the other hand, gives you complete control and customization with none of the headaches. Set up your registration and authentication workflows, as well as the structure of your data integration. Any language can be used to localize forms and messages. All stays on brand thanks to white-labeling and custom design.

  • Global Data Centers: The handling of customer data is being increasingly controlled by the government. To ensure enforcement, international companies must pay attention to the physical location of their data storage.

A multi-tenant cloud deployment of the LoginRadius Identity Platform provides a fully managed and controlled environment for consumer businesses.

Explore some multi-tenant architecture customization options with complete details.

**Multi Tenant Cloud Based Platform

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Multi-Tenant Cloud Identity Solution
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