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Symbl's APIs empower developers to enable:

  • Real-time analysis of free-flowing discussions to automatically surface highly relevant summary discussion topics, contextual insights, suggestive action items, follow-ups, decisions, and questions.
  • Voice APIs that makes it easy to add AI-powered conversation intelligence to either Telephony, Streaming, or Async interfaces.
  • Conversation APIs that provide a REST interface for managing and processing your conversation data.
  • Summary UI with a fully customizable and editable reference experience that indexes a searchable transcript and shows generated actionable insights, topics, timecodes, and speaker information.

List of Examples as Code

Upload a Conversation using the Async APIs

The Async APIs allow individuals to obtain conversation intelligence on offline, pre-recorded conversations in an audio format (mp3, wav, etc). These examples demonstrate how to upload an audio or video files for processing.

Reference a URL using the Async APIs

  • Action-Items: TODO
  • Analytics: TODO
  • Entities: TODO
  • Follow-Ups: TODO
  • Messages: TODO
  • Questions: TODO
  • Summary: TODO
  • Topics: TODO
  • Trackers: TODO
  • Summary UI for Audio: TODO
  • Summary UI using a Video

Management (Tracker management)

The Management APIs allows individuals to create, list, delete Trackers that can be used to highlight important or significant words, topics, etc in a given conversation.


These example applications use WebSockets in order to using the Streaming APIs get real-time analysis on conversation for a variety of intelligence metrics. These examples make use of the Microphone in order to demonstrate the real-time analytics capabilities.


These example applications the Telephony APIs to get real-time analysis on conversation for a variety of intelligence metrics.

NOTE: Validation on the Telephony examples are still pending. If you notice an issue, drop us a line!


Clone this repo on your machine and perform npm install.

git clone
cd getting-started-samples
npm install  # Alternatively, you can also use yarn

Code samples in this repo use dotenv for configurations. Make copy of .env.default file as .env.

cp .env.default .env

Update APP_ID, APP_SECRET, and SUMMARY_EMAIL with valid values. You are going to new a Symbl account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here for a free account which will allow you to process 1,000 minutes of conversation each month. Update any additional configuration such as DEFAULT_PHONE_NUMBER may be required for a particular sample to work properly.


Make sure your .env file is configured correctly.

Once you've configured the above, execute the script.

Required Parameters:
- API_TYPE (required): async-upload, realtime or telephony
Optional parameters:
- PROJECT_NAME (optional): if missing, will provide a list of projects
- SDK_LANG (optional): environment variable to select the language
- <PARAM=VALUE> (optional): some action require user input
To list examples for streaming projects, run: realitime
To the realtime tracker example, run: realitime tracker

Testing for PSTN

If you're dialing to a regular phone number then you will receive a call. If you've dialed into a meeting platform, you'll see another participant join the meeting. Begin speaking after you see new participant, the call will end and you'll receive an email with the generated insights if you have passed valid email Id in the code.

Download Details:

Author: symblai

Official Github: 

License: MIT

Symbl Voice SDK and APIs Code Samples
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