Learn how to download and install PyCharm 2022.2.1, the latest version of the popular IDE for Python, on Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit) in this easy tutorial.

How to download PyCharm and install PyCharm on Windows 10 tutorial. In this PyCharm installation video, we will talk about how to download and install PyCharm IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Python programming language. PyCharm is one of the best and well-known IDEs of Python programming language. It is developed by JetBrains (a Czech compamy). In this Video we will also talk about how to download and install python 3.10.6 and also how to install python packages in PyCharm.



0:00 - Intro Video
0:07 - download pycharm for 64 bit windows
0:44 - download pycharm for 32 bit windows
1:04 - download python 3.10.6 on windows
1:47 - install python 3.10.6 on windows correctly (64 bit and 32 bit)
2:40 - install PyCharm 2022.2.1 on windows correctly (64 bit and 32 bit)
3:48 - creating new project in PyCharm
4:07 - add interpreter to pycharm (Configure a Python interpreter in PyCharm)
4:58 - PyCharm initial set-up
5:35 - How to change PyCharm theme
6:11 - how to open and close side bar project panel
6:22 - how to create python file in PyCharm
7:04 - how to change font size of PyCharm Editor
7:31 -  how to change pycharm font size with Ctrl and Mouse Wheel
8:08 - create new python file in pycharm and run it
9:05 - How to access python files I wrote in pycharm IDE
9:48 - close pycharm tips forever
10:06 - How to install a package in PyCharm

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PyCharm 2022.2.1: How to Install on Windows 10 for Python
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