There are some obvious reasons as to why you should contribute to open source. Contributing to an open source project helps you gain a firm grasp of the software, while your contributions can boost your reputation and allow you to leverage your career as a developer. In reality, active open source contributions will showcase your expertise and knowledge more than certificates alone can ever do. More importantly, the ideas you contribute can take shape and grow in the community at large. But, given the vast amount of repositories and projects on GitHub, how do you navigate the open source projects that fit you and make your projects contribute to your personal success? If you are unsure about where to start, this article can give you a few pointers to kickstart your open source journey.

The TARS Foundation’s Contributor System

Initially developed by Tencent, the world’s largest online gaming company, the TARS project has created an open source microservices platform for modern enterprises to realize innovative ideas quickly with the user-friendly technology in the TARS framework. In March 2020, the TARS project transitioned into the TARS Foundation under the Linux Foundation umbrella, aiming to support microservices development through DevOps best practices, comprehensive service governance, high-performance data transfer, storage scalability with massive data requests, and built-in cross-language interoperability. TARS has a mission to support the rapid growth of contributions and membership for a community focused on building a robust microservices platform.

The TARS Foundation provides a great platform for developers who are interested in contributing to an open source project. The organization not only extends different opportunities for developers to contribute to open source projects, but also the possibility to take on leadership roles and create major contributions in the broader open source community.

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A Journey to Contribute in Open Source
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