The Linux Foundation decided to make some changes to the CKA and starting September 2020 the new format was released. The new exam format is of 2 hours and they increased the quality of questions. Now there are 17 questions and a lot of weightage to Troubleshooting and Cluster Administration :Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration — 25%

Workloads & Scheduling — 15%

Services & Networking — 20%

Storage — 10%

Troubleshooting — 30%This is the link to know more about new CKA. Follow this link to check CKAD which focuses only on deploying applications over Kubernetes.

If you are using Managed Solution for Kubernetes e.g. EKS, GKE etc. CKAD might be a better choice as you don’t have to worry about control plane of Kubernetes.

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How to pass the New CKA exam released at September 2020
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