The advent of artificial intelligence in the education industry has benefited both students and teachers. The merger of this technology with today’s education system is revolutionizing the way students understand a concept and learn new things.

Besides this, the technology has also changed the way teachers used to teach; they can now use real-life examples to make their students learn better and quicker. AI, if used to its full potential, can take the education world by storm. Didn’t believe us? Let’s dig deeper to know the ten amazing roles of artificial intelligence in this industry:

Ten uses of artificial intelligence in education

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1. Personalized learning

2. AI-powered assistants

3. Smart content

4. Automating grading and other activities

5. AI tutors

6. Improved teaching and studying

7. Better engagement

8. Crafting courses

9. Monitoring students’ performance

10. AI-based programs to get valuable feedback

Let’s read them in detail:

Personalized learning

AI can help teachers to offer customized learning to help students learn as per their capability. Some of the renowned education platforms, such as Carnegie Learning, are already using artificial intelligence to offer personalized courses. The technology can also help in providing specialized instructions created particularly for an individual.

AI-powered assistants

With the help of AI-powered assistants, students can access learning materials without even contacting a teacher. To take as an example, Arizona State University uses Alexa to help students with daily campus requirements. Alexa can provide answers to student’s queries and help them to find other information.

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10 Ways How can AI Transform the Education Industry?
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