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Methodize is a clone of Asana, a project management tool. Methodize allows users to keep track of teams, projects, and tasks. Methodize was developed using NodeJS, Express, and React.

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Technology Use
PostgreSQL SQL database
SequelizeORM Object Relation Mapping (ORM)
Express.js Server framework/API endpoints git
Node.js Runtime environment


Technology Use
React.js Javascript Library for UI
React Hook Form Easy-to-use forms with validation
React Hooks Reusuable stateful logic with functional components
Axios Promised-based HTTP client
Material UI React UI Framework
  • BcryptJS
  • Heroku

Technical Challenges


  1. Users can create Teams and add users to teams

  2. Users can create multiple projects within teams depending on scope

  3. Users can create and assign tasks to members of teams

  4. Users can check off completed tasks via tasklists

Future Features

  • Search functionality
  • Ability to drag tasklists
  • Removal of team members

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Author: ctran01

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Project Management Tool using ReactJS
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