In this video, explained Image Classification deep learning neural network model in python with TensorFlow. In this project, explained Pre Processing of data of Fruits and Vegetables, Reading Image data set from folders to Array in TensorFlow, Building Deep learning Neural network Model with Multiple Layers of Sequential Model, Training the model, evaluating the Model and finally deploying Deep Learning Neural Network model of Image classification as web Application.

These Deep learning neural network models will be used in real time to classify any kind of images. All you just need is to watch this video to understand the complete process of building a Deep Learning Neural Network image classification Model.

0:00 - 0:07 - Intro of the Project
0:08 - 01:26 - Demo
01:26 - 03:07  - Explaining Model
03:07 - 16:52  - Pre Processing Data
16:52 : 33:55  - Model Creation
33:55 - 40:19 - Predicting values from model
40:20- 53:59 - Deploying model as Web App

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Image Classification Deep Learning Neural Network model in Python with TensorFlow
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