Have you ever annoyed while answering MCQ’s in coding tests where these modify operator questions always go incorrect and experienced this type of situation…

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yeah, I was totally bummed out like the meme, and upon little practice, I came to solve them easily, if you are confused with these don’t worry I gave my best intuitions so that, you never lose your marks in this concept, wink…wink…let’s begin this.

Modify operators in a C programming language also called unary operators, it means, an operator can perform an operation on a single operand only one operand is enough to perform the operation is called a unary operator.

The different types of modify operators are


~post increment(var++)

~pre increment(++var)


~post increment(var- -)

~pre decrement(- -var)

So before solving the problem look into these steps

Step 1: solve pre-increment or pre-decrement first

Step 2: Substitute those values

Step 3: Evaluate if there were any expressions

Step 4: Assign the Values

Step 5: solve post-increment or post decrement

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Modify operators
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