A real-time web tool using face-api.js to scroll through a PDF document in the browser using head movements.

Face Landmark Detection has many useful applications in Computer Vision such as face swapping, blink detection, face alignment, emotions recognition and head pose estimation.

In this article, I will show you my project “FacePDFViewer”. I have built a simple tool that allows you to move through a PDF document on the screen without using the mouse, just the movements of the head.

You can find the source code with instructions to run it in my GitHub repository, and a live demo is available here on GitHub.io.

The software is written in _Javascript _using face-api.js for face landmark detection and pdfjsfor the PDF documents rendering.

Project structure

The software consists of 3 real-time operations:

  1. Face landmark detection
  2. Head pose estimation
  3. PDF rendering

The PDF rendering is made with the open source _pdfjs _library that uses an html _canvas _element as a container of the document. In this article, I will talk about the first two operations, while I refer to pdfjs examples for PDF rendering, since my usage of the library in this project is very basic.

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FacePDFViewer— A PDF Viewer Controllable By Head Movements using Facial Landmark Detection
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