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It’s never been a better time to learn Git. With all those resources available to you—books, tutorials, courses, even podcasts—getting started is easier than ever. Questions? Stack Overflow is ready to help. That’s all great, but once you get past the basics, where do you go to take your knowledge to the next level? How do you learn to get the most out of Git?

The truth is that there is no easy answer; it’d be like asking how to get the most out of Lego! What you can do is observe how others use Git, learn from their experience and apply it to your own. So that’s what I’ve done.

In this session, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from working with people who’s really good at using Git to be more productive. I’ll show you the things you can do to make Git more pleasant to work with and that allow you to improve how you collaborate with the rest of your team.

Success starts with good habits—by seeing how effective teams use Git in their daily work, I hope you’ll be inspired to pick up a new one.

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How Effective Teams Use Git - Enrico Campidoglio
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