NFTX Protocol V2 Subgraph


Subgraph for NFTX Protocol V2

Rinkeby Subgraph:

Mainnet Subgraph:


The subgraph requires only the NFTXVaultFactoryUpgradable contract address and starting block number.

This network specific config can be configured by editing config/<network>.json


yarn auth

GRAPH_ACCESS_TOKEN=<access-token> yarn auth

yarn prepare-<network>

Generates subgraph.yaml for particular network. Supported networks are rinkeby and mainnet.

yarn codegen

Generates AssemblyScript types for smart contract ABIs and the subgraph schema.

yarn build

Compiles the subgraph to WebAssembly.

yarn deploy-<network>

Deploys the subgraph for particular network to the official Graph Node.


Download details:

Author: ConsenSys


#typescript #ts 

NFTX Protocol V2 Subgraph
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