The 5 most relevant white label trading platforms in 2024

The 5 most relevant white label trading platforms in 2024

White label trading platforms are an excellent alternative for brokers and exchanges that want to offer their services to the market but lack the resources or knowledge necessary to compete against a plethora of rivals. Thanks to their numerous advantages, these solutions have become incredibly popular among cryptocurrency exchanges and Forex brokers, not to mention other financial institutions. Today there are many different white label trading platforms, each with unique features and attributes. Listed below are the 5 best white label trading platforms in 2024.


The cTrader white-label crypto launchpad is among the most technologically advanced trading platforms today. Both beginners and professional Forex and cryptocurrency traders can benefit from its advanced tools and features designed explicitly for ECN accounts. A significant advantage of using the platform is that it provides its users with the highest order execution speed, as well as the ability to access the entire volume of current market quotes, allowing them to execute orders at the best possible pace.

In the cTrader terminal, CFDs and Forex currencies can be traded both manually and automatically. Users can trade custom trading robots, strategies and indicators within an ecosystem created by the platform's developers. The platform is available in desktop, mobile and web versions, via API, and offers copy trading services and tools for developers.

In the course of the development of the cTrader platform, several popular Forex services, including white label solutions provided by many companies, have integrated and supported cTrader. These services include trading signals, analysis, independent verification of trading statistics, confidence and liquidity management services. 

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To access the retail and institutional forex markets, individuals can turn to Match-Trade Technologies LLC, a fully integrated forex technology provider. The organization offers the latest developments in matching systems so that currency providers (brokers, prime brokers and other liquidity providers) can participate in the next wave of open, distributed and independent Forex ECN innovations.

The Match Trader platform provides a list of the most important market events and all the analytical and statistical indicators necessary to evaluate their impact on the securities that are experiencing the most significant price movements throughout the day. With the help of the platform, traders and investors can analyze the market situation more easily and follow trends more effectively, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Using the built-in payment gateway, traders can top up their accounts instantly. The broker has completely automated the process, which can be carried out without leaving the platform.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

 Around 90% of all Forex trading volume is done directly through this trading platform, which more than 70% of brokers make available to their clients. Allowing traders to trade even on mobile devices, analyze financial markets, install expert advisors (robots) and much more, MT4 has earned a reputation for its versatility. Furthermore, the cost of white label MT4 is quite affordable, making it even more convenient for those on a low budget.

The white label MetaTrader 4 platform is a multi-component infrastructure for Forex brokerage companies and has become one of the most popular around the world as a result of the numerous options built into the platform, as well as the ability to customize the platform. client interface. In addition, such a turnkey solution offers other advantages in the process of creating a Forex broker, such as not needing MetaTrader server licenses, server hosting, organization and maintenance of a reliable backup system, installation of an extensive network of servers with global access and the availability of personnel to configure and maintain the server system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

One of the most used trading systems in the OTC market is Metatrader 5 , which is only surpassed in popularity by the previous version, Metatrader 4. The success of this platform in the forex market can be attributed to the combination of several significant advantages with compared to its predecessor, such as an intuitive interface, ease of use for new users and the ability to carry out operations in the foreign exchange and derivatives market.

The white label Metatrader 5 solution provides a multi-market platform that allows you to trade forex, stocks and futures from the same platform. In addition to offering the possibility of performing technical and fundamental analysis, algorithmic trading, copying the operations of successful traders and developing your own technical indicators and trading robots, it also allows you to work in all financial markets. What's more, the white label solution includes the ability to customize the trading interface according to client preferences and apply branding to all elements of the platform for better recognition, as is the case with the white label Metatrader 4 platform.

DX trade

This white-label crypto launchpad product is a development of Devexperts and represents a set of computer programs in the form of trading platform systems, each of which is designed for different purposes. At the moment, the company has three different trading platforms, the first of which is designed for brokers that offer FX, CFDs, spread bets, among others. The second platform works for brokers offering exchange-traded instruments, and the third platform is suitable for brokers offering cryptocurrencies on spot and margin.

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