15 Best React Native Card Components for Building Stunning User Interfaces

Discover the 15 best React Native card components to help you create beautiful and interactive cards for your apps. These components offer a variety of features, such as animation, customization, and accessibility.

1.React Native Card

Fully customizable Card View Components for React Native. http://www.paraboly.com

React Native Card

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2.React Native Shadow Cards

Cards are a great way to display information, usually containing content and actions about a single subject. Cards can contain images, buttons, text and more.

Simple card view component for React Native

React Native Shadow Cards

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3.React Native Header View

Fully customizable Header View with multiple design options for React Native. https://www.freakycoder.com

React Native Header View

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4.React Native Health Card

React Native Health Card is a module that displays a look-a-like health fund card on your react native view!

React Native Health Card

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5.React Native Adaptivecards

React Native renderer for Adaptive Cards.

React Native Adaptivecards

View Demo: https://microsoft.github.io/react-native-adaptivecards/

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6.React Native Card Flip

Card flip animation for React Native

React Native Card Flip

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7.RN Flashcards

React Native app that allows users to create and study collections of flashcards
This app is the final assessment project for Udacity’s React Native course. Create React Native App boilerplate was used to bootstrap other build tools and dependencies for React Native app development.

RN Flashcards

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8.React Native Flip Card

The card component which has a motion of flip for React Native(iOS/Android)

React Native Flip Card

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9.React Native Flashcards

React Native/Redux App - Flashcards
React Native Flashcards
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10.React Native Simple Card View

Simple card view component for React-Native
React Native Simple Card View

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11.Tinder card style swiping

Swipe Cards for React Native.

A package based on @brentvatne’s awesome example.

Tinder card style swiping

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12.React Native Material Cards

A material design card component, customizable and versatile
React Native Material Cards

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13.React Native Credit Card Input

Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project! Start accepting payment 💰 in your app today!
Easy (and good looking) credit-card input for your React Native Project
React Native Credit Card Input

  • Skeuomorphic credit-card 💳 (inspired by: card, react-native-credit-card)
  • !!NEW!! Now you could scale the Credit Card for smaller screens
  • !!NEW!! Now you could use CardView as a Component. example use case: showing saved payment details, etc.
  • Lite version for smaller screens (or if skeuomorphic is not really your thing)
  • Credit-card input validations & formatting while you’re typing
  • Form is fully navigatable using keypad
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Usage

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14.React Native Card view

Native CardView for react-native (All Android version and iOS)
React Native Card view

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15.React Native Card Media

Card Media component for React Native. Also supports multiple image layout.

React Native Card Media

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15 Best React Native Card Components for Building Stunning User Interfaces
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