OCR, also known as Optical Character Recognition allows you to ‘recognise’ text from within a document, whether it be an image, a PDF or a table. Leveraging OCR, you can easily extract this text to be able to use it for additional processing, NLP, or fit it into your regular workflow.

The great thing about EasyOCR (which is shown in the video) is that it works with Python and is quite accurate without any fine tuning, this means you can spend less time processing and more time doing the fun stuff. What’s even better is that in this video you’ll learn how to do it all in just 15 minutes.

In this video you’ll learn how to:

1. Setup and install EasyOCR and Pytorch

2. Use EasyOCR to extract text from an Image with Python

3. Extract multiple lines of text with OCR and handle the results

4. Visualise the results from the image using OpenCV

Get the training template here: https://github.com/nicknochnack/EasyOCR

Other Links Mentioned in the Video

PyTorch Install: https://pytorch.org/get-started/locally/

EasyOCR Documentation: https://github.com/JaidedAI/EasyOCR

OpenCV Documentation: https://opencv.org/

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Optical Character Recognition with EasyOCR and Python | OCR PyTorch
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