If you want to gain new problem-solving skills and level up your Computer Science knowledge, look no further than Scrimba’s free one-hour course, The Working Developer’s Guide To Algorithms. It was designed for those who don’t have a background in Computer Science and feel they would benefit from learning to think algorithmically.

What does the course do?
Our guide takes you through how to craft six different binary search algorithms. In classic Scrimba style, it contains a bunch of challenges along the way, so you’ll gain the muscle memory you need to improve your skills as a software developer and work better with algorithms going forward.

You’ll learn:

  • Binary Search
  • Big O notation
  • Imperative code
  • Recursion
  • Tail recursion
  • Array splitting
  • Array view
  • Partition

Each algorithm is taught in three stages:

  • Walkthrough: Jonathan introduces the algorithm conceptually.
  • Implementation: We get our hands dirty by crafting our own versions of the algorithm.
  • Solution: Jonathan shows us his implementation for comparison.

#javascript #programming

Algorithms in JavaScript - Binary Search Explained
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