We all work in our respective silos when writing JavaScript, be it a framework or library. After a few years working as a Front-end dev, I looked at a list of “JS interview” questions and realized that I couldn’t answer many of them (at least not well). So I set out on a long, somewhat lonesome journey of JS discovery, and am pleased to share my findings with you, in the form of a talk.

Regardless of how you feel about getting asked random questions meant to trick you up in an interview (you should be appalled), my talk will cover some basic JS subtleties, and hopefully fill in some knowledge gaps w/r/t:

  • Hoisting and variable scope
  • Expressions v. statements
  • Undeclared v. undefined v. null
  • Equality comparisons
  • How to properly walk out if an interviewer asks you to do fizz buzz

#javascript #interview-questions #developer

Answering Tricky JavaScript Interview Questions
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