This video on Objects in JavaScript will take you through the more profound concept of Objects in JavaScript. This JavaScript Objects tutorial will help you in defining objects in JavaScript in two different ways. In addition, this introduction to Objects tutorial will also let you understand What object methods are and How to use data types as objects in JavaScript. Below are the points we are going to discuss in this JavaScript tutorial for beginners’ video.

00:00:00 Introduction 
00:00:36 What is an Object?
00:04:46 Literal way of creating an Object.
00:10:30 Creating an object using the constructor function.
00:17:53 Why do we use Objects in JavaScript?
00:21:33 How to add a property to an object.
00:24:00 How to add a method to an object.
00:24:59 How to delete a property from an object.


Introduction To Objects In JavaScript
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