Flutter Floating Action Button with Speed Dial

UnicornDialer .Easily create your own floating action button list.

Flutter Floating Action Button with Speed Dial.




Add UnicornDialer to your pubspec.yaml

unicorndial: "^1.1.4"


UnicornDialer class

int orientation - Vertical or horizontal floating button list

Object parentHeroTag - Main FAB hero tag

Color backgroundColor - Modal background color

Icon parentButton - Starting Icon

Icon finalButtonIcon - Ending Icon (after animation is complete)

bool hasBackground - Background modal is set

Color parentButtonBackground - The main floating button background color

List<UnicornButton> childButtons Floating button list

int animationDuration Rotation and expanding animation duration (in milliseconds)

double childPadding - Right padding on the button label

Function onMainButtonPressed - To be called if set on the UnicornDialer parent widget

bool hasNotch - BottomAppBar support

UnicornButton class

FloatingActionButton currentButton - Floating list button

String labelText

double labelFontSize

Color labelColor

Color labelBackgroundColor

Color labelShadowColor - Label container shadow

bool labelHasShadow

bool hasLabel

Download Details:

Author: tiagojencmartins

GitHub: https://github.com/tiagojencmartins/unicornspeeddial

#flutter #dart #programming

Flutter Floating Action Button with Speed Dial
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