In this story, I will explain, step by step; from data collection to YouTube upload and edit, how to make nice looking, professional racing bar animations that you can upload to YouTube and make even money!
Step 1: Idea
First of all, you have to find a dynamic subject which can be represented in a time-series format such as earning of celebrities over the years, the highest-scoring footballers of all-times, the daily number of COVID19 cases per country, etc. This step is up to your creativity and interests. You may start watching a few videos on YouTube first to get an idea on what others have already done:
Data is Beautiful channel is one of the best examples for this type of visualisation. This lad (university student) uploaded almost 60 racing bar videos last year which helped him gain 1.3 million subscribers and earning around $200K yearly from only these videos.

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Making Beautiful Racing Bar Animations for YouTube
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