Hello friends, have you ever thought what will happen if the devices start speaking to each other?

For instance-Your alarm clock wakes you up at 6:00 AM and it is connected to the internet and at the same time, your coffee machine starts preparing coffee for you by censoring your alarm sound.

This is the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and this level of comfort will provide you in the future.

So, Theoretically Internet of Things or IoT is the devices that are connected to the internet to communicate with each other. Whatever, whether it is living or non-living, those which are connected to the internet is IoT.

What is the Future of IoT and How it Will Change Our Lives in the Upcoming Years

Internet of things (IoT) is expanding globally very rapidly and everyone starts to understand the need to welcome it in their personal as well as working life. The market value of IoT is expected to reach **USD 1256.1 billion by 2025. **

The impact of IoT will be seen at every corner of the world very soon. IoT gadgets collect data and provide ease in performance. It provides great economic benefits and also reduces human involvement which in turn decreases the chance of mistake.

10 Trends to Expect in the Forthcoming Time

1: Sci-fictional homes will be your home
2: The living will become easy in smart cities
3: Smart Office and School
4: The smart car will be the new fashion
5: IOT increasing your life span
6: Artificial intelligence and IoT
7: Voice User Interface
8: Miniaturization of “things” and Power
9: 5G network-a new fuel for the development of IoT
10: Routers will likely continue to seek new ways to enhance security

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