Learn creating 2D side scroller game in Unity 3D using C#.

This course is divided into four parts, in the first part you will start by creating player character. Learn how to create animations using the Animation window and control animation states in the Animator controller window. We will then create our first C# script to handle player input and use it to transition animations from one state to another. We will then learn about Unity physics system.

In part 2 we will make our game a bit challenging by adding obstacles to our game, write scripts to move objects, learn about collision detection and understand the difference between collision and trigger. You will edit the Unity Collision matrix, and learn how you can enable or disable collisions between objects in different layers. We will then work on object pooling technique, where you reuse different types of obstacles, after instantiating it only once. You will learn about rendering order for 2D games and control the order of objects being rendered on screen. We will add parallaxing effect to our game by adding different layered objects.Then finally we will work on integrating UI to the game, where you add buttons and other UI elements and add functionality from scripts. We will also add touch based controls to our game to support mobile devices.

This course covers widely used techniques like object pooling and parallaxing and some intermediate unity concepts like Collision matrix, Delegates and co-routines. This is useful for both Beginners and intermediate students in Unity and game development.

Basic knowledge
Experience with any programming language
Some understanding of Unity 3D editor is useful
What will you learn
Learn about Unity 3D Animations, physics system,UI
Using C# script to access and control animations and other components
Learn about Untiy’s Collision matrix
Learn about game level building
Controlling Objects through script
Learn about delegates,co-routines and scene management
Object pooling and parallaxing techniques

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Unity 3D Creating a 2D Side Scroller game | Simpliv
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