The reason I love working both with React and Angular and why Vue was not an option.

JavaScript Frameworks and my Experience with React

Javascript frameworks unlike other domains and languages do not consist of a monopoly, they are in abundance and in different forms with different use cases.

But the major 3 are React, Angular, and Vue. I started my career as a React Dev and loved the simplicity despite jsx being difficult for some. I had worked with almost all different type of modules that could be part of a webapp, found React to be more than sufficient to satisfy my needs.

Sometimes do I had to work with different 3rd party modules which was fine by me and gave me the experience of working with different modules and how to choose the right one for the app.

The thing I love about React whenever I got stuck and found a solution online that would actually work for me like always because of the API stability provided by the library.

The hooks recently introduced a couple of years back reignites the interest and removes a lot of unnecessary boilerplate and takes you straight to the business logic.

You can extract a lot of hooks your custom implementations to a separate file as well.

Must have libraries when working with React for me were React Redux for large apps React Router Dom and React-hook forms.

Working with Angular

Working with Angular was different by all means the number of files that it had generated just out of the box bootstrapping a module could feel overwhelming to some, but as soon as you understand you not needing each and everything but it is there for you when you need it.

The features I love with Angular, built-in HTTP client, pipes, AuthGuards, Reactive forms working with observables feel really powerful and intuitive although Rxjs is a hard library to master.

Angular-provided functionality is really great to work with and gives you a lot of power if you know what you are doing.

One caveat here is the breaking changes you will not be sure if you find a solution online a couple of years back for something like Angular 2 will work for you this year

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Why I Love Both React and angular As A Full Stack Engineer
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