Having a deeper knowledge of this would make my life a lot easier now.

I recently started my new career as a developer and it has been an amazing experience so far. I am contributing to a project and learning new things every day.

I am working as a Frontend Developer, and a lot of what I learned as a self-taught developer has come into play. Of course, the basics, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have been essential.

I am mainly using TypeScript with React and Material-UI. Luckily, I built a few projects using React and Material-UI in the past, so I felt comfortable with it. TypeScript, not so much. But, when I accepted my role, I spent the two weeks before starting to take some courses on TypeScript and trying to get up to speed as much as possible.

You can see some of the resources I used in the article below.

When I started my job, I knew that there would be so much I needed to learn, and I was up for the challenge. I studied a lot beforehand, and felt comfortable enough with the tech stack I would be using.

In my first week on the job, I quickly noticed one area where I felt especially lost. I was using this thing every day but was not comfortable with it. I would even say I was scared to use it at times.

The thing I wish I had studied more before starting my first job as a developer is Git.

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The One Thing I Wish I Studied More Before Starting My First Job as a Developer
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