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A StackOverFlow survey has Rust well ahead of C++ as the most loved programming language, sitting at the number 1 spot with 78.9% preferred, with the later sitting in 22nd spot at 46.7%.

It’s somewhat related to C++ in terms of syntax and functions, but the similarities end there.

Rustlang solves issues like memory errors and concurrency that C++ has been struggling with for almost 2 decades. The compiler can be a little brutal, but does offer much better memory safety and better data ownership relationships to make concurrency easier to prevent a data race. It does this without the use of garbage collection, and at the speed of a rocket ship.

It’s an open-source language developed by Mozilla, so naturally Rust can be found in this internet browser, but it has a wide range of applications including developing game engines, building operating systems and smart file storage, and even simulation generators used for virtual reality headsets.

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00:00 - Intro
02:08- The choices, Rustlang or C++?
05:08 - The tale of the tape, Rustlang vs C++
05:23 - Rustlang Pros
07:15 - Rustlang Cons
08:26 - C++ Pros
10:52 - C++ Cons

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Rustlang vs C++: Which Language Should You Learn in 2021?
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