10 GitHub Repositories that Every New Developer Should Know

Github….facebook for developers. Giving this name to this amazing site is not injustice. Afterall this site not only helps you to host your code with version control, but it is also helpful in making networks with other great developers across the world. A lot of developers love to spend time on GitHub exploring the project, learning a lot of stuff all the time, making connections with other developers and contributing to the open-source projects. Over 37 million users and more than 100M repository is the proof of Github’s popularity and it shows the love of developers towards this amazing site.


If you are one of the programmers who visit GitHub frequently then congratulation we have a collection of GitHub repositories that you should mark star in your favorite repository list but again it depends on things you want to learn.

1. FreeCodeCamp

A non-profit organization and one of the best online open-source community where you can learn to code and help others. On their GitHub page, you will find more than 306k stars and more than 23k forks. They have a huge community with a great forum to help each other and improve coding skills. Each week you will find new issues and pull requests. Bookmark this in your favorite list if you want to learn and collaborate with millions of people.

2. Free Programming Books

Are you learning to code and looking for free resources (books, podcasts, courses, developer tools, etc…)? If your answer is yes then this Github repository has a collection of free learning resources where you can teach yourself a lot of technical stuff. You will find resources such as data structure, algorithms, programming languages, machine learning, operating systems, frameworks, software engineering, and a lot of fields are included. Earlier the list was on StackOverflow, later it was moved to Github by Victor Felder for collaborative updating and maintenance. You will find the materials from Udemy, edX, Udacity and many parts of the world. It’s a top repository with more than 131k stars and 32k forks. This repo is administered by the Free Ebook Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization.

3. Coding Interview University

Are you preparing yourself for the interviews in top tech giant companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon…)? If yes and if you are looking for resources and complete guidelines for it then Googley as Heck created the best repository on Github to guide you properly for the interviews in these companies.
If you are an experienced software/web developer then moving to a software engineering role in these companies requires computer science knowledge. You will find a lot of links and resources from this repository to clear your computer science concepts along with the details that how you should prepare for the interviews in these companies.

4. Developer Roadmap

A very good developer roadmap guide created by Kamran Ahmed. A lot of students and newbies in programming get confused about what technology they should learn and what path they should follow step by step to become a developer. He has prepared a complete chart including the technology in each category of development(frontend, backend, DevOps…) that will give you a clear understanding of what you should learn next. Bookmark this repository if you like the way he guided to become a developer.

5. The Algorithms – Python

Looking for the implementation of algorithms in Python? If you are a Python lover then definitely checking out this repository will be interesting for you. You will find a lot of algorithmic topic implementation, data structures, machine learning, neural network, linear algebra and a lot more. The repository has also a collection of project euler problems.

6. Awesome Python

Again we have included a repository for python lovers. This GitHub repository has included a list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software, and resources. You can also find resources for podcasts. Bookmark this site to become a good python programmer.

7. You-don’t-know-JS

If you are a developer you might have been aware of the popularity of JavaScript. You don’t know JS is one of the most popular books for JavaScript lovers written by Kyle Simpson’s. The series of this book is available on Github. Star mark this repository if you want to dig yourself into this language.

8. Tensorflow

If you are looking for a math library used in machine learning and neural networks then visit on GitHub repository of Tensorflow. TensorFlow is an open-source software library for doing graph-based computations quickly. It was developed by the engineers and researchers working on the Google Brain team. It is used for both research and production at Google. This repository has more than 138k stars and more than 78k forks on GitHub. You will start from the installation of Tensorflow and then will move to the topic in depth. Again we need to mention that this is available in Python language.

9. Public APIs

If you are a developer then definitely you will have to deal with APIs for your application. This repository makes the developer tasks easier presenting a list of frequently updated collections of public APIs. These APIs are free and separated into different categories to explore them easily. Star mark this repository and get the benefit of it while building your application.

10. Bootstrap

Bootstrap which is the well-known web design framework for web developers has more than 137k stars and more than 67k forks on Github account. You will get the guidance starting from the installation, also it has included additional links to other useful sites. Bookmark this site to get all the information about this popular framework

Other Useful Github Repositories:

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10 GitHub Repositories that Every New Developer Should Know
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