Windows 11: Send Word Docs to Kindle – Step-by-Step Guide

In this Windows 11 tutorial, learn how to easily send Word Docs to your Kindle device. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to transfer files quickly and efficiently while ensuring they are formatted correctly on your Kindle. Whether you're an avid reader or need to access important documents on-the-go, sending Word Docs to your Kindle from Windows 11 is a great way to stay organized and enhance your workflow. Follow our guide and start sending files to your Kindle device today!

Microsoft is making it easier to access and read your Word documents. With a new export feature, you can send Word docs to Kindle from Windows 11. It works with all Kindle devices and any device with the Kindle app installed.

The new feature includes two different formatting options to help make simple or complex documents easy to read on your device. We have covered the Send to Kindle app previously. It allows sending docs and PDFs to your Kindle, but this feature is built-in.

This guide will show you how to export your Word docs to Kindle to read later.

How to Send Word Docs to Kindle from Windows 11

This feature lets you export your Word docs to Kindle or the Kindle app to read while commuting on a plane, train, or bus. In addition, it removes toolbars and other distractions that come from opening it in the Office 365 mobile app.

To send a Word document to a Kindle from Windows 11:

  1. When you are ready to send it to Kindle, click the File tab above the ribbon in your Word document.Send Word Docs to Kindle
  2. Select Export on the following page.
  3. Under the Export section, click the Send documents to Kindle option.
  4. From the right column, click the Send to Kindle button.Send Word Docs to Kindle
  5. Enter your Amazon account credentials to log in when the sign-in window appears.
  6. Click the Allow button to permit Microsoft to send documents to your Kindle library.
  7. Select the format you want to use to apply to the file. There are two different formats to choose from:
    • Like a Kindle book: It makes font size and page layout adjustable and is suitable for basic text formatting to read on smaller screens.
    • Like a printed document: It does not change the document’s formatting and is good for docs with complex formatting like inserted tables. This also supports annotating via Kindle Scribe.Send Word Docs to Kindle
  8. You will receive a notification that the document is on the way to your Kindle library—click Close.

Open a Word Document on Your Kindle or in the Kindle App

After following the steps, you can access the Word document from your Kindle. It also works from any device you have the Kindle app installed, like on Android or your iPhone or iPad. We’re using a Kindle Fire to read our exported document below, but the process is similar, regardless of your platform or device.

To view your Word document on Kindle:

  1. Open the Kindle app and select your Library.
  2. You will see the Word document you sent listed with your existing items—select it to continue.Send Word Docs to Kindle
  3. You can now easily read your document like an eBook or other file on your Kindle.

Reading Your Word Documents on Kindle

The ability to export your Word documents to Kindle is helpful in many different situations. Especially if you need to read a document but want to put it on the back burner. Reading on a Kindle from the couch or while traveling can provide a better viewing experience than sitting at an uncomfortable desk.

It’s also important to note that currently, Microsoft is slowly rolling out this feature, starting with Insiders. If you don’t see it yet, give it some time. In the meantime, you can still use the Send to Kindle app to send files to Kindle from your PC.

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Windows 11: Send Word Docs to Kindle – Step-by-Step Guide
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