During the past few months, I have been studying various JavaScript frameworks and their differences. I realized that there is a large number of frameworks in the JavaScript world, and each one brings its own unique qualities. I have done a few comparisons about some of these frameworks in the past, but in this article, I’m going to pick three and discuss the best framework to build a lightning-fast web application.

I have picked React, which is a very famous framework, alongside Preact and Inferno. I will talk about the features of these frameworks that enable us to develop fast web applications, their advantages, disadvantages, statistical proof, and some other interesting facts that will help you to choose the best framework for your project.


Preact claims to one of the most lightweight frameworks in the context with a size of 3kB. Being small in size hasn’t limited its performance. It is considered a very powerful framework and is a front-line competitor to React.

When we compare Preact to React, we can see that there are several similarities between them. But I can assure you that there are far more important differences since Preact is mainly based on speed and performance. Here are some of the major features of Preact that make it faster than React:

  • First of all, its size is around 3Kb when Gzipped. React is about 42KB when Gzipped.
  • While React contains its own synthetic event system that contains a variety of benefits, it is considered very heavy. Preact only uses DOM APIs to fulfill the duties of a synthetic event system.
  • Preact contains more features than React-lite, which is a lighter version of React.
  • Preact is obviously faster than React. I found this cool speed comparison mechanism that is hosted as a GitHub site. It can compare framework speed by adding, completing, and deleting 100 items. So I ran the benchmark test from that, and the result showed that Preact is almost four times faster than React.

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What’s the Best JS Framework for Lightning-Fast Applications?
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