I’m 99% sure that you’ve already used an OAuth based API.

👉 If you signed up with your GitHub account on Hackernoon, you’ve used the GitHub API using their implementation of OAuth2. Every time you sign-in with Google (or Facebook) on a website, you are using OAuth2 as well.

OAuth (especially OAuth2) is now everywhere, probably because it’s the best authentication framework in terms of user experience (UX). The

user clicks on a button, grants permission, and voilà.

But in terms of developer experience (DX), OAuth is… tricky. Especially for beginners. Why? Probably because it introduces a lot of new concepts at once (see comments below).

Today, I’ll showcase something that we’re proud of at Bearer.shPizzly, which helps with OAuth by focusing exclusively on the DX. I’m not saying that it makes OAuth great again for developers, but you get the idea.

Let’s see how it looks like 👉

Curious about how you can do it on your application? Here’s a full guide.

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Connecting Vue.js with OAuth Based API
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