00:20 How Push Notification works
06:40 Implementation of Push Notification
14:16 web-push sendNotification()
14:54 SwPush Payload
17:56 messages in SwPush
19:48 notificationClicks in SwPush

Push Notification is a pretty important and essential thing in a Progressive Web App. The push notification will follow the Web Push Protocol.

In Angular service worker, we are using SwPush from the service worker module to handle the push notification, In the backend i.e node.js for our case we are using a web-push package from NPM. which uses Web Push Protocol and VAPID keys for communication.

Sponsor: https://progressiveapp.store/pwas

GitHub-UI: https://github.com/funOfheuristic/angular-pwa

GitHub-BE: https://github.com/funOfheuristic/web-push

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Push Notification in PWA | SwPush in Angular & Web-Push
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