The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.
– Kami Huyse, PR & social media strategist, CEO of Zoetica Media
It’s true, everything changes, and social media trends of 2019 may not work as effectively in 2021. Why is it vital to watch these tendencies? They show what users are interested in, and that allows you to stay up-to-date with their expectations when you create a social media app.

Let’s look at what becomes a game-changer in 2021:

  • More videos – short like TikToks and Instagram Stories or longer like YouTube content, easy to find and convenient to watch.
  • More face filters – people enjoy this feature, especially during the quarantine.
  • Ephemeral content – used by Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, this content disappears from users’ feeds after some time (usually up to 24 hours), encouraging people to be more active on social apps.
  • Gen Z – social media generally focuses on youth, and current research says that today’s most influential group are people born after 1998.
  • Maximum interactivity – quizzes, games, AR and VR, 360-degree videos, and other innovative technologies to add more fun.
  • Live streaming – all popular social media, from YouTube to Reddit, have implemented this feature.
  • Voice-only content – people have more interest in it these days as they stay at home and work remotely.

What earlier trends are still relevant:

  • Chatbots and artificial intelligence technology – though these trends appeared in 2017, they remain in demand among social media apps users.
  • Brands’ engagement with customers – people more often use social media as quickly working client support, while companies invest in reliable social media presence.
  • Social commerce – Facebook, Instagram, and others offer multiple tools for businesses and allow people to buy goods and services directly via social media.
  • Blogging on social media – people and brands publishing engaging content and share it with as many users as possible.

What do you think about it? what do you think, is it possible to add something? Have you been able to find out how social networks will work in 2021?

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