Almost every user favors web applications that facilitate real-time communication or RTC. Usually, RTC occurs almost instantaneously and with minimal latency. RTC even eliminates all delays associated with transmission. Web applications can take advantage of RTC to enable users to access services and share data without interruptions or delays. However, you must combine application programming interfaces or APIs and communication protocols to establish RTC between devices and browsers. As an HTML5 specification, Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC enables developers to facilitate peer-to-peer and direct communication between two browsers.

It’s the breakneck pace of evolution in the world of technology that simplified communication systems. One crucial development is that of real-time communication. So, what should you know about Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC?

It’s a profound technology that takes unified communications to an entirely new level. WebRTC is essentially an HTML5 JavaScript specification that comes with a set of web APIs and communication protocols to establish a bidirectional, uninterrupted audio/video-enabled communication between internet browsers.

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