Software testing is an important process that ensures customer satisfaction in the application. It is the planned way in test automation where an application observed under specific conditions where the testers understand the threshold and the risks involved in the software implementation. Testing helps to safeguard and an application against potential application fail-overs which may turn out being harmful to the application and the organization later on. Software debugging completed, once an application thoroughly tested. Testing, however, is slowly transitioning to more automation to ensure maximum accuracy in the journey towards Digital Transformation.This article will give an overview of Benefits and Need of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing.

How AI is changing the Dynamics of Software Testing
In an attempt to make the application safeguard, we are turning increasingly towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). As testing progressively moving towards greater automation, we may be turning over most of it to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This implies that instead of manual testing done by humans, we are slowly moving towards a scenario where machines will take over the execution of test codes. With minimal human input, however, will be required to help machines ‘learn’ and enhance themselves.

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Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing Benefits and Strategy
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