Install Laravel 11 on Mac OS X | Install Laravel on MAC M1 | Install Laravel 11 with Composer

Follow this comprehensive guide to effortlessly install Laravel 11 on your Mac OS X system, setting up your development environment hassle-free.

There are a few steps involved in installing Laravel 11 in Apple's Macintosh (MAC) Operating System.

Make sure the PHP version must be greater than or equal to 8.2

1) Install Xampp for MAC:- 

You can install the latest Xampp for MAC OS X from the below link:- 

Go for the latest version that supports PHP 8.2

2) Install Brew for the composer:-
2.1 Open in the browser
2.2 Copy command that will come on screen and run in the terminal
2.3 Command + Space to find the terminal (in case you are not able to find it)
2.4 Paste and Run command
2.5 Brew gets installed

3) Install Composer:-
Follow the below link to install Composer for Laravel for your Mac OS:- 

Open your terminal and type:
brew install composer

4) Install Laravel 11  :-
Simply right-click on htdocs folder to run "New terminal at Folder" and run the below command to create a new Laravel project with the name blog like below:-

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

5) Run Laravel Project:-
Now try to run your project by opening the terminal in MAC by right-clicking on your Laravel project folder and giving below artisan command:-

php artisan serve

Your Laravel project must work fine. You can open with link

Check the Laravel version by giving the below command:-

php artisan --version

You can see it will show Laravel Framework 11.0

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Install Laravel 11 on Mac OS X
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