Are you curious about how to score an exemption in the CA Intermediate exam? Well, this blog will help you with the same. In this blog, we will share the preparation strategy on how you can easily score an exemption in the CA Intermediate exam.

When preparing for CA exams, Exemption is one thing that every CA student aims to obtain in at least one of the subjects. Getting an exemption makes it easier for students to get the aggregate marks for passing a group. It also helps in scoring a good rank in the CA exams. In short, Exemption is a vital aspect of CA examinations and is considered as a life saver for CA students.

Before we proceed to explain how to aim for an exemption, let’s have a quick look at the eligibility criteria for an exemption:

  1. A candidate who has scored a minimum of 60% in a paper or paper(s) in a group shall be eligible for exemption in such paper.
  2. To claim the exemption, candidates must have appeared in all the papers of that Group.
  3. The exemption shall be valid only for the next three following examinations.
  4. The candidate shall be declared to have passed where he has scored a minimum of 40% marks in individual subject and 50% marks in aggregate of all the subjects including the paper in which he has secured exemption in the earlier attempt.

It is very important to properly prepare for CA Foundation, Intermediate and Final, and understand the basic functions of a Chartered Accountant. Reason being, Chartered Accountancy is a highly accountable profession to be in. CAs carry a huge responsibility. They are responsible for auditing and signing off a company’s book of accounts. They sign off on tax returns of large and complex organisations and are expected to not make any errors. Due to this, they are required to have in-depth insights into Company Acts, Accounting and Auditing Standards, Taxation laws, other laws like SEBI and FEMA, Audit Information Systems, and a proper understanding of the vast CA curriculum.

Preparation Strategy to Score Exemption in CA Intermediate

The Intermediate paper consists of both subjective and objective questions to test student’s analytical thinking. You can easily score an exemption if you are thorough with the Inter syllabus and are well-equipped with the knowledge of the important topics.

The most important part when aiming for an exemption is to smartly prepare for exams. CA Intermediate course has a vast study material that needs to be studied extensively and rigorously by students. Hence, it is advisable to divide the syllabus into parts based on marks weightage and start your CA Intermediate preparation accordingly.

Since Intermediate consists of Theory and Practical subjects, equal time should be devoted to their preparation. Never underestimate the theory portion and always prepare notes for the last time revision, as it is impossible to revise the whole book before the main exam. Practical subjects like Accounting and Taxation require the regular practice of solving questions for a better understanding of concepts. Mark important topics using a highlighter and use sticky notes as well. When exams approach closer, these things help in better revision.

It can’t get better than scoring exemption in all the Intermediate subjects. However, if it feels too much, you should always prepare in a way to get exemption in at least one or two subjects.

Effective Tips to Prepare for CA Intermediate Exam

CA Intermediate is the second phase of the lengthy CA course and every student desires to crack this exam in the first attempt. This is a task that’s difficult but not impossible. A combination of good planning, aptitude, and hard work can help you win the battle.

In order to ease out your CA Intermediate preparation, we have gathered a few important tips that will help you to pass CA Intermediate exam in the first attempt. Follow them religiously to get the desired results. Let’s have a look at these tips:

  • Right Planning at the Right Time: The most important thing which you should do before starting preparing for CA Intermediate vast syllabus is to thoroughly check its latest syllabus. Once you have thoroughly gone through the entire syllabus, make a clear-cut strategy and follow a proper study plan to cover the entire syllabus on time. Having understood and thoroughly checked the CA Intermediate syllabus, it will be much easier for you to divide your preparation time. You will be able to prioritize what needs to be studied first. This practice will yield the fruitful results.

  • Timely Revision: Your efforts are useless until and unless you don’t revise what you have studied. Always have short and long-term revision goals and deadlines. Adhering to just the study plans is not enough to pass CA Intermediate exams, you need to revise all the topics and subjects from time to time. Timely revision, if done properly, will yield fruitful results and increase your confidence. However, it should be done systematically and not in a haphazard manner. Revision helps in a better understanding and proper retention of topics, eventually boosting up your confidence.

  • Conceptual Clarity: When preparing for CA Intermediate, do not just mug up the study material, rather get a thorough understanding of all the topics/concepts of the syllabus. The Intermediate paper consists of both subjective and objective questions to challenge the student’s intellectual ability, so mugging up won’t help you.

  • Make Notes: Effective CA preparation requires a combination of smart and hard work. You cannot just mug up the entire syllabus, it’s impossible, right? Instead, you should make notes in your own language and at your convenience to understand any topic. You should prepare notes in your language for the better retention of topics. Having self-prepared notes are very beneficial for a quick revision. When you make notes in your own words, it becomes easier for you to understand and retain a topic for a longer period of time. You get better clarity of concepts when you practice writing them.

  • Solve MTPs, RTPs, and Past Year Papers: MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs are the backbone of CA exam preparation. Train yourself to sharply analyze questions in which both choices look correct. How? By solving MTPs, RTPs, and past year papers. Attempting mock tests is the best way to check the status of your preparation and to get a real feel of the examination. It makes you aware of various aspects of the exam such as types of questions asked/anticipated, time management, marking scheme etc.

  • Choosing the Right Training Partner: The best and right coaching is crucial for the overall success in the Intermediate examination. When you take coaching classes (Physical/Online) you not just prepare, you prepare better. Now a days, there are a plenty of e-learning apps, YouTube channels, pendrive classes and several other means of coaching available. You should wisely choose one for your exam preparation. Make sure the training partner you are choosing has the right and latest study material so that you can score well in your CA exams. It is crucial to have a backing of a reliable and experienced coaching/training partner.

Having mentioned all the tips and strategies, it is extremely important that you should put sincere and dedicated efforts to crack CA exams.

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Scoring an Exemption in CA Intermediate Exam
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