How Do the Food Delivery App Make Money?

With the increasing call of food delivery apps, an app like Swiggy has become one of the biggest food startups in the country both in aspects of several employees and funding. Now, you must be wondering, from where these food businesses get funds? Or how they make money? To answer all your questions, we are here to provide you with details regarding the food businesses.

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Most of the restaurants are preferring food delivery apps for improving their services, but they have to set up various things like having an appropriate app and having delivery boys. All these require an investment that is very costly and also, sometimes there is a situation in which they don’t get any benefit. Apart from that, there is development in the food industry that now it has an estimation to reach $200 billion by 2025.
Here are some of the simple ways that are employed by food delivery apps to make more and more money to bear their expenses. Through these ways, it is easy to monetize your food delivery app, have a look-

Fees for Order Delivery

On-demand food delivery app development includes many features that are beneficial for customers. But you have to pay for anything you want as these food delivery apps make their revenue by having a delivery fee for the meal. It is like a shipment charge that sometime depends on the distance. It can be a fix for different locations or sometimes different as well; it all depends upon what the app owner wants?
It refers to that a food app can apply charges for taking the food and deliver it to the door of customers. This fee can differ according to the travelled distance; it is the way to definite revenue per order.

Commission from Transaction

Most of the food delivery apps have an agreed-upon commission that comes from the sale of the food. For instance, if the restaurant and the app owner have agreed on a 10% commission, this app will get a 10% commission on each order of the same restaurant that is facilitated by the app.
Food delivery apps under on-demand food delivery app development are adapting a takeaway as well to sell more food to maximum people.

Extra Charges for Peak Hours

Delivery apps can make extra pay by raising the delivery charges in peak hours such as lunch or dinner. Specific menu items or doing delivery to precise locations can also be the reason for high charges in busy hours. Through this way, many popular apps like Swiggy, UberEATS, etc. are utilizing their app to make money. In this case scenario, these apps make the customers take their premium services, in which they don’t charge for particular times.

Offline Advertisements

Some of the food delivery companies advertise themselves through print adverts on the packaging of the food so that customers can see it. They also publish pamphlets and posters along with the meal to reach the customers. Therefore, these apps make money as they charge to the owner of restaurants for these advertisements. Despite this, there are many tactics, through which food apps monetize themselves.

Promotion through App

If a restaurant is getting no more customers or it is unable to attract the audiences. Then, for an additional cost, they can get advertising through these apps. If these restaurants pay for advertisement, they will show at the top in the user’s search results for a specific period. With the advanced online food ordering app development, it is possible to come among the top restaurants in the list. Apps like Swiggy and UberEats charge the fee of advertising like this.

White Labelling

This tactic is depicted as a specific situation, in which the delivery app takes the food from an unknown restaurant or a restaurant with less customer base. This app rebrands that food with their name and then sell it to the final buyer. Through this way, the end-users will not know about the restaurant. And, the app pays the dues of that restaurant and also, earns a good amount coming from sales. It is also ideal for a home-run or a not well-known restaurant.

Email Marketing Campaigns

An app that includes a login process for the customers while ordering food is a chance to have contacts. Additionally, you can send email campaigns to those contacts regarding promotions, limited-time offers, new features of restaurants, etc. Sales can be increased through it along with the higher margins of commissions and delivery fees.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have described what the ways through which food delivery apps can make money are? Many apps like Swiggy, UberEATS, etc. are adapting these tactics to monetize the app. Though, people also like the idea of food delivery apps as they don’t have to move or step out from their home. That’s the reason why online food ordering app development is becoming a booming business, and even, many leading app development companies like BR Softech is also providing services in this field.
As long as you have an app to collaborate with various restaurants and that is also popular among people, you don’t need anything. So, kindly contact us for having app development services, and we will be happy to guide you further!

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