**Round 1: **This round consisted of 40 MCQs and two coding questions. The platform was HackerEarth and the webcam was on. The MCQ’s were easy but some of them are time taking. The MCQ’s were on DSA, DBMS, OS, Networks and some aptitude questions. There was also negative marking for the MCQ’s.

In the coding session, there were two codes

  1. Find largest prime factor of a number
  2. This question was based on String manipulation

I have attempted around 25 MCQ’s and have run 1 and a half code and have got selected for the next round

**Round 2(Technical Round): **It was a technical round. So they first started me asking the 2 coding questions which I have done in the exam and told me to optimise it and tell the time complexities. The interviewer then asked a competitive programming question


He then asked a few questions about data structures and algorithms.

  1. What is a graph
  2. Difference between tree and graph
  3. Difference between the tree and binary tree
  4. Difference between queue and stack
  5. Procedure to implement queue using array

The interviewer then asked my favourite subject. I told him the DBMS then he asked

  1. What is BMS
  2. Why normalisation and explain all 3 anomalies in detail
  3. What is B tree
  4. What is an index in DBMS

The interview was done and I have got selected to the next round

**Round 3(Managerial round): **This round mainly focused on questions from project and internship. As the interview started, the Interviewer asked to introduce myself.

Then he asked me to explain some of my projects. Followed by a few questions from the project like what advancements I can do further and what are its major drawbacks etc.

Then told me to explain the entire workflow that I have done in my internship

**Round 4(HR interview): **In this round, all the questions are about yourself and how you analyse things. Some questions were

  1. Why  Sabre Corporation
  2. On a scale of 5, what would you rate yourself in writing skills and then gave me a situation told me to write a mail to the manager for an excuse

Then some details regarding where I live and my family Finally, 8 of us were selected for this role

**Tips: **Be confident and keep smiling

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