Make your development more faster with velocityX

VelocityX is really a great UI tool. It provides us hundreds of new cool features that we can use in our development. VelocityX makes our UI 40% faster in a much easier manner. It has some great widgets, we call them SuperVx with many properties. VxSwiper, VxAnimator, VxPlatform, VxToast, VxStepper, VxRating are SuperVx that helps us to do certain things faster and easier manner. In this blog, we shall discuss about VxSwiper and learn how to implement it.

Table of content :

  • Install package
  • VxSwipper
  • VxSwiper.builder
  • Using extension method .swiper()
  • Properties of Swiper

Install package:

velocity_x | Flutter Package

   velocity_x: ^2.6.0

#flutter #mobile-apps #dart

VxSwiper In Flutter
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