Laravel 7/6 provides us the several different methods to validate our application’s data. Out of the box, Laravel’s base controller class uses the ValidatesRequests trait, which provides a convenient method to validate an incoming HTTP request with a variety of robust validation rules.

Laravel 7/6 Validation Example

Our first step is to install the Laravel.

If you are new to Laravel 7/6, then check out my  Laravel 7 CRUD tutorial on this blog.

Right now, Laravel 7/6 is the latest version. In the future, you may need to specify the version while installing the Laravel 7/6.

So, install the Laravel 7/6 using the following command.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel6

// or

laravel new laravel6

Create the FormController.php file.

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Laravel 7/6 Validation Example | Validation In Laravel
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