This article is not just about Builder Pattern in JS/TS, I will be explaining my thought process behind it and see if you can relate yourself to this. I believe everybody has a unique way of solving problems, hope you get something to learn from it.

A month ago I bought this very informative and useful Design Patterns course by Imtiaz Ahmed. Though this course is in Java, I implemented all the design patterns using Typescript. I will be discussing one important Assignment of this course, which is stated here,

Business Requirement:

Company needs a handy API they can use to interact with a search engine. You’ll need to use the builder pattern to create the below JSON structure. This JSON structure is actually a query that can be submitted to a search engine called Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is an opensource tool one can download and use but that’s not important. Developers in our company using your builder API should be able to create JSON requests like this.

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Builder Pattern in JavaScript/TypeScript
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