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Darin has over 20 years of experience leading innovative initiatives that take creative ideas to the marketplace. He brings extensive international experience in leading R&D programs and helping build innovation ecosystems in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
A champion of collaboration, he has worked closely with a variety of unique groups to engage industry with academic and research institutions to enhance technology-based applied outcomes, particularly related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), facilitating economic growth through increasing knowledge and helping develop human capital.
Darin has just taken on a new role to head-up R&D strategy and operational AI activities for LG Electronics, establishing their new lab in Toronto. Recently as a member of the founding operational team, Darin helped lead the creation and formation of the Vector Institute — the premier AI research institute in Canada.
He also helped build and launch Samsung’s AI lab in Toronto. He has held the primary leadership position in a number of organizations, including ORION (Ontario’s Research and Innovation Optical Network), NZi3 (New Zealand’s ICT Innovation Institute), and CITO (Communications and Information Technology Ontario, an Ontario Centre of Excellence).Darin received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto, with his thesis focused on advanced neural networks for autonomous robotic control systems; MASc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto, and BMath in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

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Creating Effective Industry-Academic AI Partnerships
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