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Today’s article is about some experiments I’ve been doing with Tekton CI/CD + Prometheus.

Continuous Integration and Deployment is becoming more and more a hot topic — everyone wants a 100% automated, flawless, fast, code integration, and deployments.

But how can a team or a company achieve that?

Usually is a step-by-step process and not a ready-to-install solution (if there’s one though, please tell me !! ;) ).

For that reason, metrics will help you to keep track of your CI/CD improvements and to understand what needs to be adjusted.

Luckily, if you are using Tekton, there are some very useful metrics by default.

Honestly, I couldn’t find enough documentation on the metrics exposed by Tekton. However, after a few experiments, I came up with a list of what (in my opinion) are the most valuable metrics.

The demo I’ve prepared uses Prometheus as a backend to collect and display metrics, but note that others backends (such as StackDriver/Cloud Monitoring) are supported too.

Tekton CI/CD: Useful Indicators

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CI/CD Observability: Tekton + Prometheus
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