What is Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS) | What is CITS token | Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS) ICO

Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS or System) is a fully automated self-developed AI System for managing cryptocurrency assets 24/7 without human involvement. System is enabled by a mathematical engine, capable of forecasting future cryptocurrency asset values, using various types of artificial neural networks (ANNs), managing risks and trading strategies. CITS contains a mechanism for defining multiple game strategies through the combination of different objectives and limitations. The system works simultaneously in Short and Long positions. The system architecture represents the interaction of many software modules built on the basis of various mathematical models.

The most sophisticated AI crypto trading system

Joseph (by CITS) is a one of a kind project: a successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.

The system is fully automated - 24/7 and does not require human involvement. It is self-adaptive, independent, and demonstrates high operational stability and resilience.

It is a perfect tool for preserving capital and stable profitability.

How Joseph works

Joseph consists of LSTM, NARX & Deep Learning and has the capabilities to continuously learn and adapt itself. He can perform the following tasks: analyze the state of the cryptocurrency market, forecast future dynamics of cryptocurrencies, measure and access risks of both separate assets and the entire portfolio, calculate Stop Loss & Take Profit, generate and manage trade signals through APIs of the crypto exchanges. The current version of the system uses the following functional modules:

Automatic strategy push

Automatically reallocates funds within the assets of the portfolio to establish the required balance between returns and risks


Forecasts price dynamics with high accuracy, calculates the level of risks and the levels of profit and loss

Data analysis

Analyzes a huge amount of data in real-time and continuously self-learns

Allocation of funds

Allocates funds between different crypto currencies considering their intercorrelation.

Joseph operates in real time on 24/7 basis and has the following functionality:

Auto balancing

reallocates funds within the assets of the portfolio to ensure required balance between returns and risks

Strategy analysis

Calculates cues to enter transactions and signals  Take Profit and  Stop loss based on the chosen strategy from many predetermined

Portfolio monitoring

Constantly monitors the current portfolio, defining the conditions for opening new ones or closing the existing positions based on signals  Take Profit or  Stop loss.

Tracks the dynamics of the strategy targets to identify the timing when the settings adjustment is required due to changed market conditions


The system tracks the price dynamics of different cryptocurrencies and selects those with the  highest predictability


Constantly  adapts itself by setting parameters of all mathematical models, including  neural networks to changing market conditions

Tracking the dynamics

The system tracks the dynamics of  all key cryptocurrencies and taking into account their intercorrelation,  chooses for management the ones with maximum similarity and difference from the market index.Based on price trend statistical data the system  develops forecasts and calculates risks

Convenient approach to solving complex problems

We have developed a personal account (Dashboard) of the User, which has the following capabilities:

  • Personal wallets in Bitcoin, Etherium, USDT
  • Transaction report
  • 24/7 technical support
  • CITS token purchasing
  • KYC/AML procedures

Further we plan to add:

  • Transfer funds under CITS management
  • Reporting module
  • Use of fiat wallets / accounts in USD and EUR

Data and funds of our Users are secured by:

  • Industrial data encryption algorithms
  • Dedicated secure servers
  • Cold wallet storage system
  • Multilevel distributed data access
  • 24/7 wallet access control system
  • 24/7 monitoring of ongoing transactions
  • Multilevel user authentication

CITS Token

Is a cryptographic token, not cryptocurrency, not securities. They are not intended to be commodity or any other kind of financial instrument. For more information please see WP.

Offerings of CITS tokens

The company expects to place 3 million tokens on the market. Purchase is possible after KYC/AML procedures in the users personal account

Project budget

All raised funds exceeding the project budget will be transferred to CITS management to increase token profitability and the company income

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What is Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS) | What is CITS token | Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS) ICO
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