Learn How to Backup Company File in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks offers multiple unique features to its users to make accounting an easy task. It also provides a backup feature to save and protect your data from damage and corruption. If your company file gets deleted or damaged, you can quickly restore a backup file. You can ‘backup company file in QuickBooks Desktop’ manually and automatically. 

Now, let’s discuss a complete process and how to schedule the automatic backup and create the file using the manual method. This blog holds a stepwise process to do so; make sure to follow it with uttermost care.  

Backing your company file is risky as it holds your crucial company data. If you want to get help to backup your company, dial +1(855)-955-1942 and connect with QuickBooks experts on a direct call 

Here’s How to Backup Company Files in QuickBooks Desktop 

In QuickBooks, you can backup a company file using automatic and manual methods. Follow the below-mentioned steps to backup the company file using the both ways:

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Schedule the Automatic Backups 

Let’s set automatic backup as you need to set it again and again:

  • Move your cursor to the menu bar and the ‘File’ menu. 
  • In the pop-up menu list, select ‘Switch to Single-user Mode.’
  • Move to the ‘File’ menu and click ‘Back up Company.’ Further, select ‘Create Local Backup.’ 
  • In the ‘Create Backup’ window, select ‘Local Backup’ and ‘Next.’
  • Move to the ‘Local Backup Only’ section and click ‘Browse.’ now select the location where you want to save your backup file. 
  • You can also set the number of backup files you want to create.    
  • Further, in the ‘Online and Local Backup’ section, verify the backup file if it’s in good shape by clicking ‘Complete Verification.’ 
  • When done, click ‘OK.’
  • Select ‘Save it now, schedule future backups,’ and click ‘Next.’ If you only want to save it for the future, select ‘Only schedule future backups.’
  • Select the ‘Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every _ times’ checkbox by entering the number of times you want to save the backup file. 
  • To schedule it, select ‘New’ and fill out the required details. You can also schedule a specific time and date of the week. 
  • When done, click ‘OK.’ QuickBooks will ask you to enter the Windows admin password to complete this process. 
  • Review the backup setup, and when you’re ready, click ‘Finish.’  

Manually Backup Your Company File

Using the manual method, you can backup the company file whenever you want; follow the below-given steps for the same: 

  • Open QuickBooks and switch to single-user mode from the ‘File’ menu. 
  • Again, click the ‘File’ menu and select the ‘Backup Company.’ Further from the options, select ‘Create Local Backup.’
  • Select ‘Local Backup’ in the prompt window and click ‘Next.’
  • Move to the ‘Local Backup Only’ section, click ‘Browse’, and select the location to save the backup file. 
  • Now, select the number of backups you want. 
  • To verify your backup file is in good shape, click ‘Complete Verification’ in the ‘Online and Local Backup’ section. Then click ‘OK.’
  • When done, click ‘Save it now’ and ‘Next.’ 
  • After the company file backup is done, you’ll receive a confirmation message. 

After following this guide, you can successfully ‘backup Company File in QuickBooks Desktop using manual and automatic methods. For further help, dial +1(855)-955-1942 and consult the issues with QB experts.

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Learn How to Backup Company File in QuickBooks Desktop
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