Researchers hope to create a proper training database to allow AI to take over neuron identification by using topological data analysis.

We’re unlocking the secrets of the brain slowly but surely, and with a little help from our artificial intelligence programs, the dream of understanding our complex brain chemistry just got a little closer.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory offers the latest breakthrough in the research partnership between humans and AI. Their new program can identify neurons in microscope images much better than previous methods.

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Automating Neuron Tracing

Mapping the brain is so in demand as researchers race to uncover new insights that could help us with long term care. CSHL taught computers to recognize different parts of neurons, a process that could help researchers discover more about how the brain works as a whole.

Mapping the brain teaches so much about how our brains learn, process, and perceive information, and create everything we know as the mind. We’ve created so much data in recent years that it’s become challenging for researchers to process it all.


Researchers Teach AI to Recognize Neurons
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