Moose: A Next.js Torrent Client to Search, Stream, and Download Torren

A torrent client to download, stream and cast torrents


  • Stream: πŸ‘ No need to wait for the torrent to download. You can stream the videos inside the app as soon as the torrent starts downloading.
  • Subtitles: πŸ“– Automatically load the subtitles if they are present in the torrent.
  • VLC: You can open any video file in the VLC as soon as it starts downloading.
  • External apps: πŸ’ͺ All the files can be opened in the default app on your device.
  • Theme: 🎨 You can select any color in the preferences panel and the UI will look good in most of them because the whole UI has been designed using opacities.
  • Cast: πŸ“Ί You can cast the video or audio to any chromecast or DLNA enabled device.
  • Music: 🎢 You can play audio inside the app itself.


  • Clone the repo
  • Run yarn && yarn dev to start development. This will open a dev build of the app.
  • This project uses nextron so everything mentioned there applies on this project.
  • You can build this project using yarn build:mac. Make sure you turn off signing in electron-builder.yml by setting mac.identity to null
+ identity: null
  icon: resources/moose.icns

In case you are trying to build for some other platform, you will have to add a script to the package.json file. The scripts can be found here

Logo Credits

The logo has been designed by Philip Glen

Download details:

Author: ritz078

License: MIT license

#nextjs #javascript #typescript 

Moose: A Next.js Torrent Client to Search, Stream, and Download Torren
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