The Pythonic way of dealing with MongoDB

SQL databases like MySQL, Oracle etc. follow a fixed schema per table. Schema refers to the number of columns and the type of data that is fed into the columns. Schema represents the structure of table with the SQL database. The issue with this approach is that, if we want to suddenly increase the number of columns, we need to create a whole new table altogether with the new structure. It is not very efficient to handle adhoc bulk amounts of data using SQL.

This is where, NoSQL (Not just SQL) databases come into picture. Here the schema is not a fixed entity. We can easily scale the data. Python provides facilities to deal with NoSQL databases directly. In this article, we discuss establishment of connection between Python and the NoSQL database MongoDB. has come up with a very helpful article to set up the the cloud version of MongDB known as ATLAS. In this article, we are using the free version of MongoDB ATLAS.

All the code snippets and their outputs are avaialble @ Github.

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NoSQL Database Handling
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