Retool is a next generation WSIWYG SaaS-based tool that enables you to quickly build React applications for internal consumption from your existing data sources using a variety of pre-built “building blocks.” Developers can choose from over 58 drag and drop components and combine them with custom JavaScript to create applications that can be securely deployed on-premise or hosted environments like Heroku. Retool supports over 30 native integrations including PostgreSQL, GraphQL, AWS S3, and Cassandra. Because YugabyteDB is PostgreSQL compatible, most third-party PostgreSQL tools and apps will work “out of the box.” Retool is no exception here.

In this blog post we’ll walk you though the following steps:

  • Install a 3 node YugabyteDB cluster on Google Kubernetes Platform
  • Build the Northwind sample database
  • Configure Retool to connect to YugabyteDB via the PostgreSQL driver
  • Build a simple React application on top of the Northwind database to help us manage inventory

New to distributed SQL or YugabyteDB? Read on.

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Use Retool to Quickly Build Distributed SQL and React Apps
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