Bootstrap Form Validation Library Without jQuery

Native Validator Bootstrap

Native JavaScript Form Validator for Bootstrap 4, pure JavasSript solution without jQuery. Sample can be found here


Install via NPM:

npm install iskandarjamil/native-validator-bootstrap


import Validator from "native-validator-bootstrap";

new Validator("form");

// or

new Valudator("form", {
  // options

Advance Usage

Feel free to add customization, can follow sample like below. Add data-pluginname and data-pluginname-error for error message.

<input type="text" data-numberonly data-numberonly-error="Accept number only." />
import Validator from "native-validator-bootstrap";

Validator.plugin("numberonly", {
  // Optional if want to run something once the Validator created.
  install(el) {},
  // Required, return True/False
  validate(el, attribute) {
    return /^\d+$/.test(el.value);
  // Optional Error message can be define here.
  error(el) {},

var validator = new Validator(document.querySelector("form"));


Type Description Default
showValid Enable/Disable success input response True
autoScroll Enable/Disable auto scrolling to first error True
delay Timer delay start checking validation after blur event 500 (ms)
offsetFocus Offset scrolling for autoScroll 50 (ms)

Plugin Included

Type Description Rules
match Check equal value between two input, example password match data-match
email Safe email validation data-email


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

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Author: iskandarjamil

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Bootstrap Form Validation Library Without jQuery
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