The naming of these two languages is the reason behind the massive confusion between the two languages, i.e., Java and JavaScript. Just because JavaScript shares the word, Java non-tech people quickly assume Java to be a superset of JavaScript. The truth is very far from this assumption. While the fact remains that the development of both of these languages had something in common when Netscape was the best available tool to surf the World Wide Web.

However, since that time, these two languages have separated from each other and now have become two very different entities. Both Java and JavaScript have established their unique identities in the tech world, making both of these languages crucial to master their respective domains. It is a running joke in the tech community that Java and JavaScript’s relationship is that of ham and hamster (making them two very different things). 

If the question, what is the difference between java and javascript? Had been posted about five years ago, the answer to it would have been straightforward. Java was considered to be a general language with various and varied applications, whereas JavaScript was the language that enabled Web apps and Websites to be more responsive and dynamic.

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Difference Between Java and JavaScript in 2021
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